What Is ZIZO Workplace Gamification Software?

Supercharge Your Employees With Employee Gamification and Management Platform

What is ZIZO gamification software?

ZIZO is a revolutionary employee gamification platform that uses game mechanics for employee engagement and management at the workplace. This unique platform integrates the game elements to enhance the performance of your employees and provides you with real-time insights. Whether you’re managing sales teams, call centers, or any other human resources, the ZIZO employee management platform allows you to implement gamification to motivate and boost the productivity of your employees.

Why You Need ZIZO?

The success of any organization depends on its people. Hiring the best talent doesn’t guarantee the achievement of your organizational goals and objectives. Disengaged and unmotivated employees won’t be able to contribute to the growth of your organization. You need to develop a culture of reward, encouragement, and innovation to instill a laser-like focus in your staff and create a fun working environment.

While it is hard to make your employee feel motivated and focused all the time, primarily due to the diversity of employee expertise and demographics, this has become increasingly challenging with the entry of young workforce who aren’t able to respond well to the conventional hierarchical and mechanical system that exercises control over employee performance and behavior.

This calls for a solution that encourages a highly collaborative, enjoyable, and fun environment and culture that motivates and rewards ongoing innovation, learning and increase employee engagement. By integrating our groundbreaking employee gamification platform in your workspace management, you can take your employee engagement, motivation, and productivity to the next level.

Resolve Your Employee Management Challenges with ZIZO

Workplace Gamification Software

Many businesses are still hesitant to implement gamification, thinking that it might have a negative impact on employee productivity and efficiency. A review of several research studies showed that gamification is a powerful tool that helps to enhance the engagement, motivation, and performance of employees and helps them strengthen their work-related skill set. Moreover, gamification at work can also play a significant role in improving employee well-being at the workplace.

ZIZO is an innovative gamification platform that takes the burden of team motivation and management off your shoulders. This software uses mechanics like gamification badges, point-scoring systems, competitions, rewards, and others to boost employees’ engagement, making your employees feel valued and increasing their productivity by 50%.

It utilizes various gamification techniques to boost employee engagement, recognition and give rewards on the basis of real-time data. Introduce ZIZO gamification to track real-time performance and witness the difference in your employee motivation level and productivity!

Workplace Gamification Software

A Single Performance Management Platform for Your Entire Team

ZIZO employee gamification and management platform offer a centralized database from where you can easily manage information and all systems. It automatically imports, integrates, maps, and stores all your employees’ data while enabling you to develop a customized gamification experience for your workforce or team.

This performance management platform is packed with recognition, engagement, and motivation features which you and your employees can easily access and use across different devices. It features a real-time newsfeed, challenges to earn badges, contests, public leader boards, ranks and levels, and rewards motivating your employees to give their best performance every time.

ZIZO is Your Partner for Advanced Gamification and Real-Time Performance Management of Your Employees

We believe that companies should invest in continuous performance improvement of employees to succeed. Simultaneously, managers must act as coaches to engage and motivate employees in learning and innovation.

ZIZO helps you achieve this by holistically utilizing personalized microlearning, advanced gamification, and real-time performance management of employees. We know through experience that a combination of these elements has a far better impact than a single solution that addresses the only single aspect of your employee’s performance.

Each element complements others and enables you to create an ongoing system for employee performance improvement with a continuous learning culture. So by introducing ZIZO, you can accomplish better learning, motivation, and performance.

Packed with Amazing Gamification and Performance Management Features

A research study found that gamification significantly enhances overall levels of engagement, organizational citizenship and reduces turnover intent. Gamification doesn’t mean that you allow employees to play actual games at the workplace, but it implies integrating game elements. These components create an environment of healthy competitiveness and motivation among your employees. Giving them rewards, appreciation, and more in real-time, appreciating their efforts makes your employees feel valued.

ZIZO helps you understand your people with its power-packed gamification and insights features. Based on its data about your employees, you can design personalized programs for your employees according to proven gamification methodologies and best practices. This helps you sustain engagement and create learning content that receives better adoption and response, building employee loyalty and commitment to your organization.

Rewards and Recognition Based Management System

When you recognize and reward the efforts of your employees, you’re more likely to retain them in the long run. ZIZO equips you with tested and proven techniques to give incentives to your sales team, workforce, or other staff. Give them rewards for accomplishing their targets while creating an accountable and transparent culture.

ZIZO helps you understand your people with its power-packed gamification and insights features. Based on its data about your employees, you can design personalized programs for your employees according to proven gamification methodologies and best practices. This helps you sustain engagement and create learning content that receives better adoption and response, building employee loyalty and commitment to your organization.

Manage Performance in Real-Time

Most performance management systems assess performance retroactively, often evaluating it on an annual basis. This may not truly reflect the reality of your employees or business. Additionally, this approach makes ranking a type of scoreboard which displays a list of losers and winners. So it’s not a surprise that your employees find this type of evaluation discouraging and demotivating.

ZIZO gamification and management platform, on the other hand, focuses on the present performance of your employees while also factoring in their past. It helps you integrate real-time dynamics into the performance of your employees. You provide on-spot feedback by giving evidence of personalized benchmarks, milestones, performance KPIs and more within ZIZO. This enables the clients to work on their weaknesses in real-time and improve their performance as quickly as possible.

Resolve Your Business Challenges

Employee retention, engagement, and performance improvement are some of the primary challenges that any organization faces. ZIZO helps you overcome these challenges which hinder your business growth and expansion. It improves not only your employees’ engagement and performance but also its retention and culture. The data transparency of ZIZO empowers you as well as your employees to access their information and view their performance whenever they want. This has a significant impact on you’re the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Create a Competitive Environment at Your Workplace

With ZIZO, you can create a competitive environment at your workplace based on particular KPIs. You can arrange team competitions, set collaborative goals, organize royale battle tournaments, and much more. Moreover, you can challenge your employees to achieve targets for earning currencies that they can use to purchase tangible items, office perks, digital assets, and more. All this gives an additional dose of motivation to your team, and your employee feels accomplished.

Improve Levels and Ranks of Your Employees

One of the primary reasons for high attrition rates at any workplace is that your employees don’t feel valued and don’t see their career growth. Lack of a well-defined path creates ambiguity, and they may not stay interested in achieving the milestones you set for them.

ZIZO resolves this problem by providing you with a level and rank system. It lets your employees see the roadmap and direction in which they’re heading, how to reach there, and what level they’ll achieve after completing tasks. This gives them motivation to continuously improve their performance and advance their career destination.

Get Actionable Insights Through AI

AI powers ZIZO, and this employee engagement and gamification platform serve as a centralized database. You can integrate, import, access, store and map all your business data in one place and access it through a customizable dashboard. It leverages the power of AI and machine learning to manage the data and deliver actionable insights that help you make informed decisions about your organization and employees.

Some FAQs About ZIZO

What does gamification at the workplace mean?

In simple words, gamification at the workplace means implementing game elements in the organizational environment. This is a common technique used in marketing campaigns to improve engagement and customer loyalty. Similar gamification features, such as rewards, badges, leaderboards, rankings, etc., can be applied to any workplace setting to enhance employee performance, engagement and motivation.

How can gamification work at the workplace?

Gamification for organizations utilizes game elements that motivate and engage employees prompting them to give their best performance. It leverages positive and friendly energy that you can instill through healthy competition among your employees. It encourages your employees to achieve their milestones, complete assigned tasks within a given timeframe, and reach their set goals. It instills intrinsic motivation in your employees, giving them a sense of control and mastery, which they feel after knowing that they’re performing well on their job.

Why implement gamification in the workplace?

Gamification allows you and your employees to identify the assigned tasks and goals. Your team can see the progress, performance, and achievements while engaging in a healthy competitive environment. Here is how implementing gamification helps your organization:

  • Improve your business bottom line
  • Boost engagement and motivation of employees
  • Increase skills and knowledge of your employees
  • Creates healthy competition among employees
  • Enables easy adoption and management of performance management tools
  • Boosts satisfaction and performance of your employees
  • Provides an objective review of employees performance
  • Significantly improve employee retention while reducing turnover

Are there any additional benefits that ZIZO provides?

  • Yes, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, implement the ZIZO gamification platform to:
  • Develop a better understanding of factors for employee motivation
  • Know about the most powerful employee benefits of your company
  • Know about the preferences of your employees
  • Identify gaps so that your management can quickly address them before they become significant issues.

What benefits ZIZO employee gamification platform offers for my business?

When you integrate ZIZO’s mobile app to improve your business performance, you’ll get the benefits including but are not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced employee performance
  • Better retention rates
  • Employee satisfaction with your organization
  • Lower rates of attrition
  • Resource and time-saving BI tools
  • Actionable insights to make informed decisions
  • Seamless and easy staff development
  • Improved employee engagement and motivation
  • And many more!

What is the meaning of ‘ZIZO’?

ZIZO is an abbreviation of ‘Zoom In, Zoom Out. It means you get a bird’s eye view of your entire organization for higher-level management and zoom in to get a detailed picture of everything at the employee level. With the ZIZO mobile app, you can quickly and effortlessly review and manage your team performance based on its empirical data to make informed business decisions.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Between the mind-numbing data drown and a workforce that always seems disengaged, productivity is plummeting. Meanwhile, costs and attrition rates are climbing to an all-time high.

ZIZO can solve your most common problems.

We understand the issues facing your business, because we’ve dealt with them too. And after a decade of development, we’re ready to introduce ZIZO – the revolutionary gamification software platform that takes the stress out of managing and motivating your workforce.

HIGH attrition rates

In a study of more than 1,000 workers, 31% report having quit a job within the first six months of employment. High attrition rates can negatively impact employee morale, disrupt productivity, and eat into your bottom line

Lack of Employee Engagement

It’s harder than ever to keep employees engaged and active. First, we’ve got Gen Z and millennials entering the workforce. These generations thrive off a culture rooted in reward and recognition. And without it, 70% are likely to change jobs every two years. In addition, we now have a newly remote workforce navigating the challenges of working from their kitchen tables. Finding new ways to keep employees engaged and enthusiastic has become a necessity.

Data Lake

The amount of data we have access to these days is phenomenal. What’s less exciting is the amount of hours it takes to organize, analyze, and act upon this data. Managers end up drowning in numbers, trying to make sense of what they mean. And business owners are left to make decisions that are only as good as their ability to interpret this massive amount of data.

retain your employees

Happy employees are five times more likely to stay at their jobs. With ZIZO, employees are recognized and rewarded based on objective data. This fosters a culture of accountability and transparency that builds mutual trust and rapport between employees and managers.

Motivate and Engage Your Team

Gamifying your workplace with ZIZO means your employees are immersed in an exciting realm of friendly competition and a culture of positivity, teamwork, and accountability. Public leaderboards, a real-time newsfeed, levels and ranks, contests, and rewards motivate your employees to perform better than ever before.

easily manage your data

That data lake you’re drowning in? ZIZO is here to throw you a line. We’ve created software that allows you to quickly zoom in and out of your data, making it easy to analyze and interpret the information that will help you make better business decisions. Our intuitive dashboards allow you to adjust your KPI’s, set daily, weekly, or monthly goals for your employees, and see trends in productivity.

Are You Ready to Engage and Supercharge Your Employees?

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