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3D Avatars

Elevate your workplace engagement with our advanced 3D avatar customization feature, enabling employees to personalize their presence on the platform. Seamlessly integrated with our reward system, they can utilize their hard-earned rewards for exclusive celebrations and items, enhancing the platform’s visual appeal and fostering friendly competition. Embrace personalization and recognition to create a dynamic and engaging workplace atmosphere, driving employee satisfaction and productivity.

ZIZO Features

Automated Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of daily workplace challenges, ZIZO presents a streamlined solution through our automated challenges feature. Designing new objectives for your team can be challenging, but ZIZO simplifies this process by delivering tailored daily, weekly, and monthly goals directly to your employees’ dashboards. These employee objectives are customized, considering their past performance and the expectations set by your organization. By automating this process, ZIZO ensures your team remains focused and motivated, aligning their efforts seamlessly with organizational goals.Experience effortless goal management with ZIZO, creating a more productive and goal-oriented workplace environment.

Contests and Tournaments

Boost team morale and motivation with our engaging contests and tournaments feature. This dynamic tool empowers managers to organize bracket-style tournaments, face-offs, and individual goals, encouraging healthy competition among team members throughout the month. By strategically scheduling these competitions, managers can maintain high excitement and engagement levels among employees. These customized challenges serve as powerful motivators, inspiring your team to excel without excessive pressure. Embrace the thrill of friendly competition, enhancing teamwork and performance in your workplace environment.

Reward Store

Elevate your employees’ motivation with ZIZO’s versatile reward store. Unlike generic incentives, our platform empowers employees to select personalized rewards that resonate with them. By earning in-app currencies through their achievements and active participation, employees gain access to a curated selection of tangible goods, exclusive company perks, and valuable digital assets within the reward store. This tailored approach not only recognizes their efforts but also fosters a culture of motivation and engagement among your team, making their ZIZO experience full of excitement.


Unlock the potential of your performance metrics with ZIZO’s advanced reporting dashboard. This powerful tool streamlines your data analysis, meticulously compiling all essential performance metrics into an accessible overview. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, the user-friendly interface allows effortless progress tracking. With customizable options, tailor your dashboard to align with specific goals and objectives. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and navigate the intricate landscape of performance data with ease.

ZOOM Board

Embrace achievements with ZIZO’s ZOOM Board, an interactive display platform showcasing each employee’s milestones. This dynamic board highlights the leaderboard, activity feed, milestone achievements, broken records, and advancements to new ranks. Fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere within the team, it inspires collective pursuit of excellence. With our ZOOM Board, celebrate successes interactively and inclusively, encouraging everyone to aim higher and achieve their goals collaboratively.

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