3D Employee Avatars

Level Up Your Workforce:

Just as in your favorite video games, ZIZO empowers your team members to showcase their individuality through personalized 3D avatars.

Simple Customization

Creating your own unique 3D avatar has never been easier! Our intuitive customization tools provide an extensive selection of character and feature options, enabling you to tailor every detail to align with your personal style. Express yourself through our seamless, user-friendly interface, where you can effortlessly animate your avatar and watch it come to life.

Express Yourself Simple Customization
ZIZO gamification for employee engegement

Individualized Recognition, Everywhere

Embrace a workplace culture where every employee receives continuous recognition for their unique achievements through our cutting-edge individualized avatar system. These avatars, representing their accomplishments, are prominently displayed on both the leaderboard and the ZOOM board. This innovative approach guarantees that every milestone, regardless of its size, is acknowledged and celebrated by the team. By incorporating this highly effective recognition system, we foster a culture of appreciation that not only enhances morale but also strengthens the bond among team members. Recognizing individual achievements has never been more effortless or impactful, creating a workplace where everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated, boosting employee engagement and satisfaction significantly.

Customization as a Reward

Take your 3D avatar’s appearance to the next level with our exclusive customization rewards! ZIZO offers valuable digital coins that can be spent on premium clothing and unique celebrations that make your avatar stand out from the rest. Earn, unlock, and elevate your avatar’s style!

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