3D Employee Avatars

Express Yourself

Finally, a way for you employees to express their individuality without the awkward dress code conversation

Simple Customization

Get ready for some avatar awesomeness! Your employees can create their own twin or go incognito with a range of character options. Unleash their creativity and let the employee avatar madness begin! 

Express Yourself Simple Customization
ZIZO employee engagement software

Individualized Recognition, Everywhere

Behold, the power of personal avatars! These bad boys will showcase your employees’ greatness on the leaderboard and Zoom board. It’s like a virtual celebration of their achievements for the whole team to see. Time to flex those digital muscles and let the accolades rain down! 

Customization as a Reward

Gear up for next-level personalization! Earn digital coins in ZIZO and unlock premium clothing and unique celebrations to make your avatar shine. Stand out from the crowd and leave your peers in awe. It’s time to unleash your avatar’s awesomeness! 

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