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Will Generation X Adapt To The New Way The World Works?

Will Generation X Adapt to the New Way the World Works?

Defining Gen X Gen X at Work Gen X and Gamification Gen X's Adaptability   There’s no denying that the workforce is being taken over by Millennials and Gen Z workers. If fact, within the next five years, 75% of the workforce will be made up of members of the...

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How To Avoid Data Drown – The Complete Guide

How to Avoid Data Drown – The Complete Guide

What is data drown? Determine Where You're Going Map It Out Learn to Swim Let ZIZO Throw You a Line Drowning in Data?  You’re not alone! Cisco estimated in 2019 that the Internet of Things would produce over 500 zettabytes per year in data. Years later, the world is...

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