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Workplace Gamification

Successful Gamification Platforms

Successful Gamification Platforms

Although gamification, or the incorporation of gaming aspects into non-gaming activities, has been popular for several years now, many people might be surprised to learn the enormous impact it can have on a company’s revenue. For example, in 2019, Starbucks reported...

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Employee Retention

Will Generation X Adapt To The New Way The World Works?

Will Generation X Adapt to the New Way the World Works?

Defining Gen X Gen X at Work Gen X and Gamification Gen X's Adaptability   There’s no denying that the workforce is being taken over by Millennials and Gen Z workers. If fact, within the next five years, 75% of the workforce will be made up of members of the...

Production & Performance

Preparing For Gamification

Preparing for Gamification

If you’re considering a gamification platform, you’re probably thinking you’re already late to the “game” and ticking off the ways in which it can help you uplevel your business – and you’re probably correct on all counts. However, while the benefits of gamification...

Business Intelligence

The Top 5 Reasons Why Kpi’S Matter To Your Business.

The Top 5 Reasons WHY KPI’s Matter to Your Business.

KPI's keep objectives at the forefront of decision making. KPI's are vital when it comes to performance management. KPI's encourage a culture of accountability. KPI's can create an atmosphere of learning and growth. KPI's can help you measure your success at a glance....

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