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Gamification Success: Wordle

Gamification Success: Wordle

It’s not all that common for a game to become a household word, yet in less than a year, Wordle has become a full-blown craze with 300,000 daily players, including celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, who talks about it on his show. Others like Jennifer Beals and Richard...

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Learning Trends

Learning Trends

Given the recent rise in attention to gamification in education we might think of it as a shiny new toy; however, the fact is it’s actually a long-overdue return to the natural way we learn. As children, we have the unfettered freedom to play and create and envision...

Business Intelligence

Gamification: The Latest Weapon in the War on Cybercrime

Gamification: The Latest Weapon in the War on Cybercrime

Hackers have been around since the first computer came on the scene; however, what began as reverse-engineering hardware and software to design a better product soon gave birth to one of the biggest problems in modern life: cybercrime. In 1980, John Draper (aka...

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