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Workplace Gamification

Tiktok: Gamified Branding Effect

TikTok: Gamified Branding Effect

Two years ago this month, Tik Tok launched its Gamified Branding Effect, which allows content creators to add aspects of gamification to their videos in order to build their brands and differentiate themselves from others. Developed for Tik Tok for Business, the...

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Employee Retention

Thinking About A Gamification Platform?           Empathy Mapping Is Key

Thinking About a Gamification Platform? Empathy Mapping is Key

A lot of research around gamification concerns its benefits, for example, the way it stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers or reduces the stress around learning so new information is more easily downloaded and integrated. These neurological processes have been given...

Production & Performance

Learning Trends

Learning Trends

Given the recent rise in attention to gamification in education we might think of it as a shiny new toy; however, the fact is it’s actually a long-overdue return to the natural way we learn. As children, we have the unfettered freedom to play and create and envision...

Business Intelligence



It wasn’t all that long ago that the idea of using gaming aspects to shop, learn, and work more effectively would have sounded ludicrous; now gamification is recognized as one of the most powerful tools in attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers in virtually...

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