how to demonstrate accountability in the workplace

If you felt attracted by this headline it is because you probably know that creating an atmosphere of trust in any given workplace is key to increasing employee engagement. Accountability for your actions has become essential in today’s work culture. Transparency, trust, and teamwork are values that every company must promote to increase productivity and reduce turnovers at any given business.

Workplace accountability is something every manager or HR department should look to improve, as it is one of the most successful ways to create employee engagement. Though this may seem complicated, there are ten easy steps that every HR department can follow if they are trying to highlight the importance of accountability in the workplace. 

Here are a few actions you can take within your organization to increase transparency and trust.


Communicate Your Processes

Employees should be aware of every process that’s going on in the company, especially when it comes to accountability. You must promote meetings at a specific time to show every member of the organization statistics regarding productivity, new goals, and expectations the company has set for each team member.

In other words, communication is critical. Workplace accountability is a way to make employees feel part of your company’s growth. Never forget that your team is following the same goals as your business.

Pay Attention to the Detail

Every decision you make impacts your results. Companies need to understand that mistakes may happen during the day. Instead of punishing those who commit them, it’s better to show your employees ways to improve, so those failures don’t happen again.

Fear can lead to more mistakes happening day by day, as people tend to focus more on previous failures than on improving their current work. We encourage companies to promote a culture where they understand that mistakes are something that may happen occasionally. What matters is how they consider these past failures as a way to create alternatives to enhance every detail of our daily processes.

Work alongside your coworkers for transparency

Suppose companies want their employees to be more engaged. In that case, they need to feel part of the organization’s success. Show your workers how their daily tasks are helping the company to reach its goals, and reward them when their ideas increase the reputation and earnings of the business.

Being transparent means sharing information with your team and being honest about the company’s current state. When you start promoting accountability in the workplace, your employee morale will go up, and everyone will feel part of the team.

Be Willing to Accept Criticism

For some people, the old saying “Everyone makes mistakes” has become a cliche. But some people aren’t willing to accept this, especially managers. 

There’s nothing wrong with criticism. Instead, HR departments and managers should look at it as a way to improve their roles and make employees feel they are being listened to. One of the main steps for workplace accountability is to show employees that they can give constructive criticism whenever they see something that needs improvement. Furthermore, this is another way to make individuals feel more comfortable inside the company.

Give Solutions Instead of More Problems

One of the most common toxic work practices in different companies is to highlight the problems that the organization is constantly facing. Instead of blaming each member for their mistakes, it’s better to accompany them in their daily duties. In that way, when something goes wrong, they feel like they’ve got a team behind them.

Helping employees identify the core of their common mistakes will make them feel comfortable at their workplace, creating a healthy environment within the company.

Promote Actions That Are Good for the Company

This might seem like a no-brainer; however, sometimes, employees don’t know the grand scheme of things. That’s why they only focus on their duties without considering other important factors that are vital for the company.

That’s why HR departments and managers should consider teaching employees the company’s values and goals and the actions the organization takes to reach its desired place amongst its competitors. In other words, everyone must feel they are on the same trail, giving their best so the company and its members can grow together.

Become an Example for Your Employees

Leading by example is one of the best ways to show your employees what you want from them. That’s why it is so important for managers to demonstrate and personify their company’s values. Individuals need someone to look up to when they don’t know how to solve a problem or deal with difficult situations at work.

That person employees need must be in charge of each department, so they can turn to them to look for answers in hard times. Empathy and leadership are highly valued in today’s world as they are essential skills to improve teamwork.

Apologize if a Mistake Is Made

It’s better to acknowledge when something goes wrong instead of ignoring it. Employees notice the lack of workplace accountability even when it’s not recognized by the person who made a mistake. Thus, if this situation presents itself frequently, individuals may understand that those in high positions are exempt from the company’s policies, creating an unhealthy work environment.

If managers want to show that they care for their team, they must put their egos aside and apologize when needed. Transparency is one of the central values that any company must promote to increase employee trust.

Lead Your Team to Clear Goals

When discussing accountability, it’s essential to set clear goals and expectations for the team and each one of its members. If a company wants to measure its employees’ performance, there must be an established path to follow for them. Therefore, they know where they are going and what they are aiming for with their daily duties.

Turn Your Team into Proactivity

Proactivity means being willing to give maximum effort when it comes to reaching goals day by day. Employees know when their team is giving their all daily. They notice if someone is slacking or not doing their duties, creating problems during the process. Acknowledging your team’s effort and rewarding said actions it’s one alternative that companies could try to increase productivity and improve teamwork within your company.

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Does Gamification help with accountability?

We’ve shown the importance of accountability in the workplace, so you can work with your employees on improving each process your company follows daily.

Gamification is a fun and interactive way to improve the relationship between your employees and their managers. It will make everyone understand how their work can contribute to the organization’s growth, creating a challenging work environment where everyone wants to improve, no matter how repetitive or stressful the tasks are.

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