Gamification is the Future of the Workplace.


We’re changing the way the world works.  And you can be a part of it.

Anyone who has managed a workforce knows that two of the biggest obstacles you’ll face are a lack of employee engagement and lack of trackable performance. With the introduction of Millenials and Gen Z into the workforce, companies need to think outside of the traditional box to retain talent and increase motivation.  As experienced management and HR professionals, the ZIZO team has found a way to solve those headaches for good.

ZIZO Technologies Inc. was developed to give businesses the ability to zoom in and zoom out of their data. Our goal is to simplify management and increase company’s productivity by creating an environment that drives your employees to perform in a fun and engaging environment.

The revolutionary combination of gamification and business intelligence will change the way businesses work.

We’ve combined our data software with a gamified approach that will engage teams in call centers, sales, insurance and collections agencies.   Employees can enjoy a customized game environment at their desk while striving to reach goals and earn rewards, and managers and business owners can easily access data on dashboards customized to their own KPI’s.

After owning and managing his own businesses, our Founder and CEO implemented ZIZO’s solutions on his own team – and after realizing the hugely positive impacts, he got to work building a team to create our solution on a large scale. 

ZIZO’s gamification solves this problem at scale for the next generation
of employees.

"We believe that yesterday was only practice.  We exist to make today happen.  And today, it's Game Time."

-Jimmy Chebat


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