Increase Productivity with ZIZO Salesforce Gamification Tool

Retain And Drive Valuable Sales Team Employees With ZIZO Salesforce Gamification Tools

It’s only natural for your sales team to get a little competitive! Successful sales reps require high energy and enthusiasm to stay motivated and hit their goals. Plus, more motivated employees lead to 27% higher profitability!

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a member of your team who doesn’t appreciate a nice commission check, monetary rewards alone are not enough to keep your individual and teams selling tirelessly.

ZIZO values variable rewards in our salesforce gamification tool because for most employees, it isn’t all about the bucks. Corporate culture is important to 79% of US employees and only 12% of employees report leaving their last position due to low compensation, instead citing bad workplace culture, stress, dissatisfaction, disengagement, and lack of benefits as the most common reasons for searching for a new job.

Our Salesforce Gamification Tools are a Motivator

By nature, humans need a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to keep them excited about their current role.

Extrinsic motivators are external factors that contribute to the reason a person does something; this typically comes in the form of a reward, or the desire to avoid a negative impact or punishment. For instance:

  • Following up with leads because your supervisor will reprimand you otherwise.
  • Meeting a quota to win a bonus check.
  • Participating in sales contests to win an award.
  • Keeping a tidy CRM to avoid frustration from colleagues.

Intrinsic motivators come from an internal drive to perform a task or reach an accomplishment. These include:

  • Prospecting because you believe in a product and take joy in sharing it with others.
  • Practicing good CRM hygiene because you like an organized work environment.
  • Learning more about a subject because it interests you.
  • Participating in a sales contest because you have a competitive spirit.

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Salesforce Gamification Tools Include Contests & Tournaments To Motivate Your Sales Teams

Worried that automated, consistent encouragement and goal setting isn’t enough to keep your team engaged? We thought of that too!

Our contest creation feature allows sales managers to create a variety of contests and tournaments to give your sales team the extra push they need to close deals, in the way that motivates them best. Do you have a sales rep who prefers to compete against themselves? Set up an individual vs. goal contest. Two top performers constantly fighting over who’s the best? Put them to the test in a one-on-one sales contest!

Contests and tournaments are completely customizable to your team members so you can create the best environment of friendly competition!

After crushing their goals and earning incentives, your salesforce leaders decide what is most important to them by selecting their own rewards in the reward store. They can choose from tangible goods like gift cards, TVs, etc., digital assets to enhance their ZIZO avatar and profile, or long term company perks like PTO, preferred parking, free lunch, and more!

So ZIZO can help with engaging your employees and encouraging them to achieve their goals on a lot of levels – but how can you be sure it’s working?

That’s where the business intelligence dashboard comes in. ZIZO integrates with meaningful operational software and stores all of the data in one common data warehouse. We then optimize and map those key metrics into easy-to-access and customizable reports.

Salesforce Gamification

Increase Sales Performance With ZIZO Salesforce Gamification Tools

Each ZIZO user can create their own dashboard on the ZIZO platform to easily view reports that are meaningful to them. All reports are dynamic, so you can Zoom In and Zoom Out of data whenever you need to!

This allows your management team to spend less time pulling reports and manually interpreting data, and more time celebrating employee’s performance and coaching those who are falling behind.

Don’t just take our word for it, salesforce gamification tools have been gaining steam for years, especially with sales teams. In fact, studies show that gamification can increase company productivity by 50% and engagement by 60%. In 2019, 88% of respondents reported to TalentLMS that gamification makes them happier at work.

Employees who are highly engaged are 24% less likely to leave their currently position and 41% less likely to be absent from work, they also average 20% higher sales volumes.

ZIZO’s salesforce gamification platform is designed with sales team performance in mind. We leverage various real time game mechanics to motivate every personality on your team!

Curious to know more about how we can boost performance and sales for your company by implementing salesforce gamification? Schedule a demo to discuss the possibilities with our team!

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Frequently asked Questions

What Is Gamification

Gamification is applying gaming mechanics into nongame environments to increase participation, motivation and overall happiness.  Gamification software allows employees to receive real-time feedback that motivates and encourages them. Things like competition, points, rewards,  
achievements, rules of play, self-expression and status are leveraged to give employees feedback.  It empowers them to participate and reap the benefits of tangible rewards, bonuses, and rise in rank within a company.

How Does Gamification Work

Gamification plays into the human elements that motivate, allowing users to feel that they are a part of a larger goal that is mutually shared with fellow coworkers, and aligns with overall business goals and objectives. As employees interact with the gamification platform, they receive immediate feedback on their performance, skills and achievements, allowing them to focus on next steps and strategies toward new achievements.  Ultimately, gamification plays on the psychology that drives human engagement. 

What Are the Benefits of Workplace Gamification?

With gamification, an employee’s tasks and goals are easily identified, allowing them to see progress on performance and accomplishments, as well as connect with their co-workers through a collaborative and competitive platform.  


  • Improves business results 
  • Boosts employee performance and satisfaction 
  • Increases employee knowledge 
  • Promotes employee retention and reduces turnover 
  • Allows for adoption and adaptation of management tools 
  • Allows management to receive un-biased performance reports 
  • Increases employee engagement 

 In addition to these benefits, ZIZO Technologies allows companies to uncover additional benefits including a better understanding for employee motivation, what the most powerful incentives are within their company, revealing employee preferences and illuminating any gaps so management can swiftly address issues. 

How Can ZIZO Help My Business Grow?

With all of the tools and features included in ZIZO’s application, your benefits will include: 

  • Increased performance 
  • Lower attrition rates 
  • Higher employee engagement 
  • Improved staff development 
  • Time-saving BI tools 
  • Automated Intelligence providing Actionable Insights 
  • And more… 
What Does "ZIZO" Stand For?

ZIZO stands for Zoom In, Zoom Out.  It represents the figurative ability to Zoom Out above the trees to see the forest to manage from a high level, or Zoom In to get “in the weeds” and manage from the ground floor.  Within the application, ZIZO represents the ability to Zoom In and Out of your data quickly and effortlessly to get the information you need from both perspectives and help you make better business decisions based on empirical data. 

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