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Those in the debt collections or Account Recovery Management (ARM) industry know the trials of managing an ARM workforce. ZIZO was founded by ARM industry experts, and we know the pains all too well. In fact, the original iteration of ZIZO was created as an internal solution for our own collections call center!

The ARM industry has always been a popular ‘steppingstone’ industry for those just starting out or looking for an interim job while figuring out a longer-term career path. This mentality, combined with the extremely repetitive daily tasks, mentally draining work and competitive industry wages create the perfect environment for high attrition rates.

On top of the already frustrating challenges of managing this unique workforce, the industry is highly regulated, making incentives and efforts to engage your team nearly impossible to navigate.

Collections professionals are rarely in it for the long hall. There is a low threshold of loyalty from ARM employees, and most are simply looking for the best option today knowing that they’ll quickly burnout and jump ship tomorrow.

Frequent turnover and increasing minimum wages are making it harder than ever before to hire and retain talented employees in the industry. In our Founder & CEO’s collections agency, he was experiencing high attrition rates and incredibly low productivity, along with a culture that lacked accountability. Employee’s had every excuse in the book on why they weren’t performing and there was no way to prove who was telling the truth.

That’s why ZIZO was born.

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Real-Time Numbers Keep Your Debt Collections Team Engaged and Accountable

The initial debt collection gamification software was created as a business intelligence tool. We integrate directly into operational software such as dialers, phone systems, collections software and compliance systems and store all data in one centralized data warehouse. From there, the data is mapped and provided to users in easy-to-access and customizable reports.

Easy and transparent access to data removes the possibility of excuses and lack of accountability, the real-time numbers are right in front of you and your team!

Once we developed the business intelligence tool, we quickly realized that the platform was still missing a way to engage our employees and keep them employed with us long-term; so, we began implementing gamification.

Many years of perfecting the platform have created ZIZO today.

We work with you to identify your agency’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and our automated platform maps daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your employees based on their experience, skills and specific goals.

While the team is working to hit their goals, they’ll also receive notifications and celebrations for every major milestone or achievement – automatically from the platform!

For every major win, they receive multiple currencies which determine their rank and level and can be used in the reward store. Instead of trying to make every employee happy when selecting rewards and incentives, they can decide what is important to them between tangible goods, digital assets, and company perks.

debt collection gamification software
We didn’t just want to solve the problem of employee engagement each day without addressing the long-term problem of attrition. Which is why we developed our career mapping feature. Your organization identifies the ideal career length for your employees, our proprietary algorithm automatically maps objectives and milestones of increasing value throughout the career length to keep employees engaged and looking ahead to their future with your company.

If all of this automated magic still isn’t enough to keep your team in the zone, we offer contest and tournament creation to your managers to create that extra excitement when your workforce needs it.

80% of those polled reported that gamification at work motivated them more than performing non-gamified tasks, and 78% said that they think a company that uses gamification is more desirable. This is great news for businesses hoping to be the exception from the 55+% turnover rates plaguing the US workforce.

ZIZO Debt Collection Gamification Software Can Help You Solve Your Biggest Business Challenges

ZIZO’s game mechanics are not the only factor to improving your employees experience, your company culture, and your retention. Our platform’s ability to provide transparency of data to all members of the organization empowers your employees to take their performance into their own hands.

Members of your organization at every level, from collector to agency owner, can create their own customized dashboards to access the information that they care about whenever they need it most.

Employer transparency is yet another proven way to improve employee satisfaction. In fact, multiple studies have reported that transparency is the biggest influencer of the workplace happiness. Studies also show that happy employees are 20% more productive.

Our holistic approach to workforce management through gamification and Business Intelligence has proven successful in the ARM industry. After 10 years of implementing this solution in our founder’s own agency, the proof was in the pudding.

After enjoying engaged and productive employees, a team that took accountability for their performance, and the lowest attrition rates in our area, we decided it was time to share the love.

If you’re ready to learn more about all of the ways ZIZO can help your collections agency, contact us so we can start solving your biggest business challenges.

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Frequently asked Questions

What Is Gamification

Gamification is applying gaming mechanics into nongame environments to increase participation, motivation and overall happiness.  Gamification software allows employees to receive real-time feedback that motivates and encourages them. Things like competition, points, rewards,  
achievements, rules of play, self-expression and status are leveraged to give employees feedback.  It empowers them to participate and reap the benefits of tangible rewards, bonuses, and rise in rank within a company.

How Does Gamification Work

Gamification plays into the human elements that motivate, allowing users to feel that they are a part of a larger goal that is mutually shared with fellow coworkers, and aligns with overall business goals and objectives. As employees interact with the gamification platform, they receive immediate feedback on their performance, skills and achievements, allowing them to focus on next steps and strategies toward new achievements.  Ultimately, gamification plays on the psychology that drives human engagement. 

What Are the Benefits of Workplace Gamification?

With gamification, an employee’s tasks and goals are easily identified, allowing them to see progress on performance and accomplishments, as well as connect with their co-workers through a collaborative and competitive platform.  


  • Improves business results 
  • Boosts employee performance and satisfaction 
  • Increases employee knowledge 
  • Promotes employee retention and reduces turnover 
  • Allows for adoption and adaptation of management tools 
  • Allows management to receive un-biased performance reports 
  • Increases employee engagement 

 In addition to these benefits, ZIZO Technologies allows companies to uncover additional benefits including a better understanding for employee motivation, what the most powerful incentives are within their company, revealing employee preferences and illuminating any gaps so management can swiftly address issues. 

How Can ZIZO Help My Business Grow?

With all of the tools and features included in ZIZO’s application, your benefits will include: 

  • Increased performance 
  • Lower attrition rates 
  • Higher employee engagement 
  • Improved staff development 
  • Time-saving BI tools 
  • Automated Intelligence providing Actionable Insights 
  • And more… 
What Does "ZIZO" Stand For?

ZIZO stands for Zoom In, Zoom Out.  It represents the figurative ability to Zoom Out above the trees to see the forest to manage from a high level, or Zoom In to get “in the weeds” and manage from the ground floor.  Within the application, ZIZO represents the ability to Zoom In and Out of your data quickly and effortlessly to get the information you need from both perspectives and help you make better business decisions based on empirical data. 

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