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Can Gamification Help YOU Retain Valuable Call Center Employees?

Call centers can be a tough place to work and an even tougher place for call center managers. The industry has become synonymous with high turnover and burn-out. In a post-COVID economy, many companies are facing ‘the Great Resignation’, as employees are leaving in droves for more flexible and meaningful work; making it even more difficult for the call center industry to hire and retain quality call center agents.

In addition to the workforce changes brought on by current events, new generational workforces are entering the scene with much different work ethics and expectations of their employers. Young employees are entering the workforce and quickly leaving jobs that don’t engage and fulfill them; especially when they don’t feel valued by their employer.

Drive employee engagement with call center gamification SOFTWARE

That’s where gamification software comes in. Utilized for decades by retail companies and app creators, gamification has proven itself to be an excellent vehicle to drive engagement in any activity. The gamification industry has begun to boom in recent years, especially in education and in gamifying learning.

Today’s youngest workforce have been interacting with gaming elements throughout their entire lives in school, social life, and retail. They (along with older generations) are becoming conditioned to expect the instant feedback and rewards that gamification platforms provide.

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Call Center Gamification Software Can Help You Retain Valuable Employees

ZIZO takes the same gaming principles that drive learning and brand loyalty, and apply them to work to increase engagement, satisfaction, and retention. The platform is especially useful in call centers where employees are performing repetitive tasks and burning out early.

Our specialized team works with your management to identify what key performance indicators (KPIs) your employees should be performing each day to drive overall business objectives. Our performance management software creates automated daily, weekly and monthly challenges based on the customized information that you provide.

Each day, your employees receive encouragement and micro-rewards for hitting their objectives and working hard. Our proprietary algorithm focuses on each employee’s lowest performing KPIs and delivers custom goals based on their experience, abilities, and areas that need a little work.

These constant challenges and rewards engage otherwise bored employees and spark their drive to hit their goals – while having fun! 86% of young job applicants feel that gamification at work is fun and enjoyable and 72% reported that gamification motivates them work harder.


call center gamification software

Gamification Can increase productivity and decrease turnover

In addition to leveraging gamification’s ability to increase productivity by 50% and engagement by 60%, ZIZO also strives to decrease turnover which is currently affecting call centers at over 57% annually.

Engaged employees are 24% less likely to turnover and are 17% more productive than their un-engaged coworkers.  However, after their first year with a company, employee’s engagement drops by an average of 7% and continues to drop year-over-year, which is why continued engagement through gamification is crucial.

ZIZO’s holistic approach to call center gamification doesn’t just stop at engagement with challenges. Our call center gamification platform allows users to select their own rewards. This finally finds a way to please everyone, while bolstering employee’s perception that their employer cares about their opinions and individual wants and needs, which makes them 4.6 times more likely to work their hardest.

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Frequently asked Questions

What Is Gamification

Gamification is applying gaming mechanics into nongame environments to increase participation, motivation and overall happiness.  Gamification software allows employees to receive real-time feedback that motivates and encourages them. Things like competition, points, rewards,  
achievements, rules of play, self-expression and status are leveraged to give employees feedback.  It empowers them to participate and reap the benefits of tangible rewards, bonuses, and rise in rank within a company.

How Does Call Center Gamification Software Work

Gamification plays into the human elements that motivate, allowing users to feel that they are a part of a larger goal that is mutually shared with fellow coworkers, and aligns with overall business goals and objectives. As employees interact with the gamification platform, they receive immediate feedback on their performance, skills and achievements, allowing them to focus on next steps and strategies toward new achievements.  Ultimately, gamification plays on the psychology that drives human engagement. 

What Are the Benefits of Workplace Gamification?

With gamification, an employee’s tasks and goals are easily identified, allowing them to see progress on performance and accomplishments, as well as connect with their co-workers through a collaborative and competitive platform.  


  • Improves business results 
  • Boosts employee performance and satisfaction 
  • Increases employee knowledge 
  • Promotes employee retention and reduces turnover 
  • Allows for adoption and adaptation of management tools 
  • Allows management to receive un-biased performance reports 
  • Increases employee engagement 

 In addition to these benefits, ZIZO Technologies allows companies to uncover additional benefits including a better understanding for employee motivation, what the most powerful incentives are within their company, revealing employee preferences and illuminating any gaps so management can swiftly address issues. 

How Can ZIZO Help My Business Grow?

With all of the tools and features included in ZIZO’s application, your benefits will include: 

  • Increased performance 
  • Lower attrition rates 
  • Higher employee engagement 
  • Improved staff development 
  • Time-saving BI tools 
  • Automated Intelligence providing Actionable Insights 
  • And more… 
What Does "ZIZO" Stand For?

ZIZO stands for Zoom In, Zoom Out.  It represents the figurative ability to Zoom Out above the trees to see the forest to manage from a high level, or Zoom In to get “in the weeds” and manage from the ground floor.  Within the application, ZIZO represents the ability to Zoom In and Out of your data quickly and effortlessly to get the information you need from both perspectives and help you make better business decisions based on empirical data. 

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