Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZIZO?
  • Simply, we’re a performance management tool.
  • ZIZO stands for Zoom In, Zoom Out – which is the management philosophy that the ZIZO platform delivers. Allowing your managers to view every detail of employee performance, while also automating processes to alleviate day-to-day tasks and give your managers the chance to view business objectives at a high level.
  • The platform is a web-based app which integrates with operational software and utilizes your custom KPIs and objectives to drive your team’s performance through the proven methods of gamification.
Where is the platform hosted? How do users interface with the platform?

The application is web-based and housed on AWS. A mobile app is slated to launch this summer!

What type of teams work best on the ZIZO platform?
  • The ideal team on ZIZO is any team of individuals who are performing the same or a similar task. This ranges from various types of call centers to sales teams and beyond.
  • The ZIZO platform might not be right for small teams or teams that all perform different duties.
What is the pricing structure?
  • We’re a SaaS platform that charges per user, per month. Pricing depends on the size of your team, contract length, and more. Ask your ZIZO contact for details specific to your team.
  • We do charge a set up fee at onboarding of new clients. This fee starts at $5,000 but may increase if custom coding and integrations are required. Exact pricing for your company’s onboarding fee will be determined and formally provided to you after our tech discovery exercise.
What does is the sales and onboarding process with ZIZO?
  • Discovery – We always start new relationships with a discovery conversation. Our goal is to get to know your company and team, and ensure that we understand the challenges that you’re facing.
  • Demo – From there, we will perform as many demos as we need to ensure that your entire team of decision makers understands how ZIZO can help you solve your challenges.
  • Tech Discovery – If you identify that ZIZO is the right fit for your team, we’ll perform a tech discovery to discuss the systems that we’d need to integrate with and the data that we’d need work with. This step helps us ensure that we won’t hit any roadblocks during the integration and onboarding process, and gives us the information required to identify your onboarding fee.
  • Formal proposal – once we have all of the information that we need, your ZIZO contact will provide you with a formal quote of service. This will include applicable onboarding fees, licensing costs and contract terms.
  • Contract – Once the formal quote is provided and approved, you’ll receive a contract for execution. ZIZO’s standard contract is a 12-month commitment, but discounts apply for longer-term engagements.
  • Deep Discovery – Post-contract signature, you’ll begin to work with our onboarding team. As our integration specialists get to work setting up your company’s customized ZIZO platform, our customer success specialist will begin to meet with your team to identify business objectives, KPIs, and expectations.
  • Simulation – After all of the data is gathered and the connections are built, we will use past data to simulate an instance of ZIZO. This simulation allows us to test the parameters of the platform that we built for you to ensure that everything is accurate.
  • Limited Roll-Out – Once we’re confident in the algorithm, we will ask your team to identify a select group of users to perform a soft launch. This limited roll-out allows us to validate the data and work out any bugs prior to launching with the entire team. We typically like to test the system for about a month prior to full launch.
  • Full Roll-Out – Now, its time for a party! Our customer success team will arrange a formal kickoff celebration with you to get your team excited and ready to maximize their experience with ZIZO. From one-on-one training to meetings with the management team, we’ll make sure you are ready to win with ZIZO.
  • Ongoing support – You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager who monitors your users activity, performance and feedback, ensuring that you receive maximum value from ZIZO daily. They’ll act as your employee engagement specialist, always available to help you navigate any challenge.
How does the incentive budget work?
  • Our in-app currency (ZBucks) are backed by real dollars, for users to earn through the app and spend in the reward store.
  • This budget comes from you, the client, for use by your employees. You’ll identify a per user, per month budget that you want to put towards employee incentives. Each month, you’ll receive an invoice for that budget, based on active users. The funds will be transferred to an escrow account, where we manage distribution to your employees in the form of ZBucks for you. Funds will leave the escrow account to reimburse ZIZO for any rewards that we fulfill for your team, or if your employee uses ZBucks to purchase a company perk, funds will go back to you to cover that cost. Full transparency into this system is available at any time.
What members of the team should demo ZIZO?

Anyone who understands your employee’s pain points and cares about improving retention, productivity, satisfaction, engagement or motivation. We realize this could be a lot of people – the most common stakeholders we see in the buying process are:

  • C-Suite – typically operations directors, managers, etc.
  • HR – this team is your employee advocates; they’ll understand pain points from your employee’s perspective and know what they’d want to see in a solution.
  • Management – Whoever is interacting with your team daily. Who manages their performance and facilitates the implementation of goals and objectives? They’ll have a great perspective to evaluate ZIZO’s value in your business setting.
  • Tech – since ZIZO integrates with your operational systems, it’s important that your technology team understands the value and process so that they can help to make the right decision for your business.
  • End users – it is important that ZIZO is the right fit for your team and culture. We always recommend asking at least one agent-level employee to evaluate a demo. They can help you determine how this tool would be received by your team.
What is the timeline?
  • We want this process to be quick and painless for you, so we’ll do our best to keep things moving and transparent. Prior to contract signature, we’ll provide an estimated onboarding timeline based on the information specific to your company and needs.
  • Typically, the integration and discovery process takes 60 days, followed by 30 days of data validation. Once the data is ready, we prefer a 30-day limited roll-out to beta the platform in your environment because depart-wide kickoff.

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